När vi gick till El Carmel

We where a couple of students that meet up outside of IED a normal weekday and took our first trip to El Carmel and Toru de la Rovira. When we stept out from the bus we meet a quiet, slow but beautiful part of Barcelona.
We walked along the roads that embraced the view of Barcelona.
We walked up the hill util we reached a small street with rundown houses lining up along the sides.

The work was going on, dust was flying and stones shaking.
Big machines with big teeths was moving over the old broken concreat.
We walked up the hill and meet the big platform transformed out of

love and hate for a country. We walked quiet for a while just feeling the fresh air and the beautiful view.
Then the creative side of us kicked in, we where al over the place taking pictures and discussing in the diffrent groups how the visit totally changed the piont of view of our projects.

When our cameras and minds where ful of impretions.
We walked out and back to our world of Barcelona taking with us the inpacked of a historical,
powerful and precius place to bring into our project for Urban Space.

Utdrag ur ett projekt jag jobbar på


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